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15 Fleet Registry updated: The Herreshoff 15 Footer: HMCo and non-HMCo
Each new catalog is added to a simple list of documents.


Updates requested! Extant Catalogs are being generated by Class in an effort to make confirming and updating information about extant vessels easier and more visible. At the moment the interface to these new catalogs is a simple list of documents which is linked in the menu.


The Forum has been restored, but, rebuild continues. As of today, some images and links are still not loading properly. This is being systematically addressed: a slower process than preferred. If you're searching for specific information that you cannot access or find a broken section, please feel free to email directly:


Security updates require a rebuild of the Forum. This may make it unavailable for several days.


Finally moving forward with updates...
It has been a rather hard several months since last April; but, I've restructured responsibilities and expect to be able to catch up on updates and corrections that have been repeatedly forced to the bottom of my ToDo list.

It will be a slow process over the next two or three weeks, but as I complete these tasks, I'll email off to each of you letting you know your submitted data has been updated and images added.
If anyone has not received a reply to an email and/or doesn't see an update they requested by end of August 2017, please! please! do not hesitate to send another request or re-submit information.

And, as always, news, images, and updates always welcomed.
Thank you!


An apology for delays in updates and replies!
I have been away for two months being 'chemo buddy' for a sibling, which has resulted in inconsistent replies to emails and requested updates. I am working through each of numerous emails to follow through on requests, but, if anyone has not received a reply to an email and/or doesn't see an update they requested, I do apologize; and, please! please! do not hesitate to send another request or re-submit information.
Thank you!


Individual "Details" pages have often been overlooked since they are primarily accessed by database searches. These pages are now linked in each Registry by a link off of the hull#, such as the snippet below from the full HMCo Sailing Vessel Registry.
Since these "Details" pages are the point of most updates to the content of The Herreshoff Registry, the database contains more information than is currently exposed — some of which has not been cleared from copyright or requires owner's permission. Soon these pages will be more easily updated by current owners and researchers. More on this soon!
Questions and thoughts?
Please feel free to email me: — Teeter -

Status: FOUND
Original Name: Clara Current 		Name: Clara
Hull Number: 402 			Boat Location: Bristol, RI
Contracted By: N.G. Herreshoff 		Current Owner: Herreshoff Marine Museum


Restructuring and rebuilding of this site has been in the planning stage for several months. But, now that the sailing season is wrapping up here in New England, those plans are beginning to be implemented in earnest.
Connecting with owners, builders, and boatyards to ensure that documentation in the registries is current and correct continues to be top of the ToDo List. Additionally, there are several research projects that will come back into focus.
As for design, at first the changes will concern making the site more functional, e.g. the form that is opened by the Share button on the homepage now emails "New Information or Updates" directly to the admin account instead of logging to a file for future updates — a file that too often seemed to be a way for important information to go missing. The next upgrade is to the forum. The software is now at the most recent release but the ability to upload files, especially images, needs to be improved...
Broader updates, including rebuilding the content as a mobile-friendly, WordPress site and expanding of the Class Galleries will result in release of a whole new design that is being developed parallel to this one.
Progress of this rebuild may be slow but frequent updates will be logged here.
And, as aways, we welcome any and all comments and suggestions!


Transition of Reponsibilities:
I now realize what Steve had decided quite some time ago: keeping content even close to current involves assuming full responsibility of this site, which is ever so much more than being the site Curator. So, for the last several months, we have been working through a transition so that the Herreshoff Registry is fully my responsibility.
Any changes to the current interface and content may be hardly noticed. A Fish Class Registry that has been available for over six months is in active development with new results of research added frequently. When larger updates are complete, a notice will be posted to the home page.
The major project for the next while will be moving content to a mobile friendly platform. Planning has been ongoing for a couple months but the real work will wait until next Fall and Winter. Summer is almost here in Maine and it's time to think about sailing!
Class Registries:
But, update to the Class Registries will at all times be at the top of the ToDo list. Please send updates and/or corrections either by submitting an Update Form or by email to Email is especially preferred if you are sending an image. And, if perhaps you have requested an update to a record at some earlier time and do not see the correct information, please repeat the request. It will not slip through a second time and all updates will be confirmed by email.  — Teeter Bibber


New Site Curator:
In 2008, The Herreshoff Registry website debuted its searchable online database. Features have been added or changed over the years as the current iteration has evolved. I started this registry with the goal of it being the place Herreshoff fans could go to for information about their boats. With the forum, the growth of the database, and increased participation from the Herreshoff community, that goal has largely been realized. It is the perfect time for me to turn the reins over, and I am very pleased to announce that Teeter Bibber is taking over as Curator of The Herreshoff Registry.

First and foremost, she has a passion for Herreshoff boats and is the proud owner of a 12-1/2. She is also an accomplished web programmer, systems librarian, and archivist, all of which make her uniquely qualified to maintain and evolve the site. I have no doubt that under Teeter's stewardship, The Herreshoff Registry will take many steps forward. —  Steve Nagy

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