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Detail - Hull L963

Status:FOUND: NON-HMCoRecent Update:2019.02.13
Original Name:Bow-KnotCurrent Name:Sufi
Hull No:L963Home Port:
Contracted By:C. B. SeeleyCurrent Owner(s):Peter Wallace
Contract Date:1925Owner Since:2002
Class:S ClassSail Number:3
Sub-Class:Built by Lawley & SonsFleet:West Long Island Sound
Original Rig:Yacht Club:Seawanhaka, LI
Current Rig:
Original Price: Restored By:
LOA: Maintained By:
LWL: Notes:
Other Resources:HCR
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Provenance: as PDF with sources - L963.pdf
    by Ken Upham

OwnerYearsLocationBoat NameSail No.
C. B. Seeley1925 - 1926Southport, CTBow-Knot 
Lawrence Grinnell Jr.1926 - 1932New Bedford, MAQuickstep / Bow Knot1
John W. (Jack) Tiplady1932 - 1934RITIP 
Orson L. St. John1935 - 1942Fleet: WLISJOY3
Henry Newton S. Whittelsey1944Fleet: WLISJOY3
Hamilton Hagar1945 - 1947Fleet: WLISMERRY WIDOW3
Richard L. Moore & Peter Vermilye1948 - 1949Fleet: WLISTAMAR3
Peter H. Vermilye1949 - 1954Fleet: WLISTAMAR 
J. G. Merwin, McLear & P.H. Vermilye1949Fleet: WLISTAMAR3
Charles Karel Stiassni1950 - 1952Fleet: WLISTAMAR3
C. K. Stiassni, J. G. Merwin & Vermilye1953 - 1954Fleet: WLISTAMAR3
John S. Thomson1955 - 1958Fleet: WLIS SUNDAR 3
Dr Judd Bockner & Ralph H. Fisher1960 - 1962 Fleet: WLISGANDER3
Robert T. Howard1963 - 1966 Fleet: WLISTRANQUILIZER II 3
David R. Treacy1967 - 1985Fleet: WLISSUFI3
Stephen (Steven) Zembrusky1985 - 1996Fleet: WLISSUFI3

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